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IPCop 2.0.6 on an Alix2
I have a couple of Alix 2d13 embedded systems from PC Engines around. They are complete PC compatible systems running from Compact Flash cards, perfect as small routers. There are images for installing IPCop 1.4 but I can't find ready-made images for 2.x. So I made one, with console output on the serial port of course. Serial is set to 38400 baud (8 bit, no parity, no flow control) to match up with the Alix standard settings, so you can see the POST too.

This is a 2GB image made to fit the 2GB cards PC Engines sell, but it should work with any 2GB card. If I recall correctly the PC Engines ones are slightly smaller capacity than cards made for cameras.

Important! You WILL have to redetect networking on your device, networking binds to MACs and so it won't work on your system. Configuration for this is done over the serial port. On an Alix, the order for the found adapters (top to bottom) corresponds to the inverse port order from the back (meaning, right to left).

All passwords are set to "ipcops". Red is a DHCP client, Green is, Orange is The DHCP and SSH servers are activated.

This is an image meant for a machine with 256MB RAM, as it has a 128MB ramdisk. It will probably not work with 128MB systems such as Alix 2d19.

Download the image here (7-zip compressed to 40 MB)!

I use TeraTerm for the serial port stuff and HDD Raw Copy Tool for the imaging stuff. You'll need 7-zip (or an equivalent) too, of course.

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