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 Magnus Wedberg, design and photography


Graphic design
All needs served
My work in this area spans from print publications, over graphic guidelines for a new or existing business including logotypes, to web design. Samples available on request!

I work in industry-leading applications from Adobe and other companies. I am very fluent in Pagemaker, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel DRAW! and other associated tools.

Web design
I am a self taught web designer and HTML expert; I have worked both alone and employed by web agencies, creating content for hundreds of companies, among them Nokia and Microsoft. My speciality is customized, innovative HTML and design solutions; it is my strong belief that a web site should be crafted to your specific target group, and that this is the number one priority on all levels.

I can write for all sorts of clients, regardless of needs, size and desired browser compatibility. If you want me to write a cutting-edge XHTML page, I can do that; if you want it to degrade gracefully all the way down to being usable in Netscape 2, I can do that too.

I write back-end code in PHP and use SQL databases for database-driven web applications. Do you want to manage the content yourself? No problem.

I do also install and manage web server software, for example Apache (Unix and Windows), Xitami (likewise), Netscape/iPlanet/Sun ONE, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server.

Are you also a photographer?
Contact me. I understand your needs and can make a stunning site, capable of presenting your images in the best possible way.

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