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Introduction to the articles
About this section
These pages contain some personal, sometimes very personal, opinions on photography, equipment, software, and possibly other things. As usual, no guarantee for their validity or usability are given, this is after all the internet. If my opinions or pictures disturb you, by all means go find some other opinions and pictures elsewhere.

Recent shoots
Not every photograph I take finds its way into the galleries, naturally. This section exists so that I can show recent projects; at least the more worthy ones. Bonus galleries, in a simpler design! Some photos may exist both here and in the galleries, though. This section is updated whenever I feel enthusiastic about a shoot.

Equipment reviews and articles
I have amassed quite a lot of photographic gear during the years, and will try to give my impressions on them, especially the more interesting (and esoteric) Minolta items I own. It is important to understand that all photographers have their own style; if something suits me, it may not suit you. And vice versa. In addition to this, my "reviews" are only valid for my very samples, strictly speaking. Your sample of the same lens/camera/flash may perform differently, perhaps very differently. At the end of the day, you will always have to try everything yourself.

That being said, I try to test stuff in the best way I can, and even though I may sometimes provoke on purpose I don't post things I don't believe in. Think, question, don't simply accept.

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