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Västerås Ångkraftverk
Västerås Thermal Power Station

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The Västerås Thermal Power Station is a now abandoned coal-fueled power station built in 1915-1917. Since long out of date, it was finally shut down in 1992 and basically left for the birds (literally!) spare a few small museal projects and guided tours. It will probably be converted into a combined water park/energy museum, and many of these fascinating machines will be scrapped and the atmosphere will be lost forever. I hope I have managed to capture some of it.

Lots of thanks to our guide, John Eklund.

Shot 2007-03-31 at Västerås, Sweden. Dynax 7D, Minolta 17-35/2.8-4, Minolta 70-210/4. Occasional tripod, Anti-Shake doesn't work in all cases!

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