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The jesters and the X1

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First shots with my recently acquired, diminutive Minolta Dimâge X1, featuring Anti-Shake and a 8Mp CCD.

It was very dark outside, and naturally some images were more "arty" than others due to this. At 1/10 with such a tiny camera, especially held vertically, it's hard to keep it still regardless of anti-shake. This camera really lacks an optical viewfinder; you can't hold it still without pressing it against your body, but if you do, you can't compose. Smaller screen and real viewfinder would have made this a very competent tool.

First impressions is that it does its job well, and some shots wouldn't have been much better with the Dynax 7D. On the other hand... many would. :-)

Everything was shot in Fine mode, at 5Mp resolution (to try and control noise already in the camera).

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